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Friday 3 August    
18:00 – 22:30 Registration opens
18:00 – 22:30 The great Humanist Quiz and entertainment with
writer and performer of whimsical songs Andrew London


Saturday 4 August
07:30 Registration opens
Tea and Coffee available
Robert Laidlaw Room
08:00 Pōwhiri  
08:45 There’s no Māori word for ‘atheist’
Te Henare, Community of Māori Atheists and Freethinkers &
Eru Hiko-Tahuri, Heretical Hori
09:30 How Humanism can help us counter violent extremism
Gulalai Ismail, Pashtun Human Rights Activist
10:30 Morning tea
11:00 Non-religious arguments against secularism
Andrew Copson,
Humanists UK Chief Executive & IHEU President
11:50 Flash talk: Challenging religious instruction in New Zealand schools
David Hines & Tanya Jacob
Secular Education Network
12:00 In conversation with Aunty Jackie
Jackie Clark, The Aunties
12:40 Flash talk: Secularism in the Pacific
Max Wallace, RHANZ
13:00 Buffet lunch
13:45 Introduction to the afternoon
14:00 Effective Altruism
Catherine Low, Effective Altruism
15:00 Afternoon tea
15:30 Leaving conservative religions
Imtiaz Shams, Founder of Faith to Faithless
16:20 The politics of the cow
Uttam Niraula, SOCH Nepal
16:30 Lucky not so lucky: Humanist activism in a world threatened by religious extremism
Leo Igwe, Nigerian Human Rights Advocate
17:20 Flash talk: Humanistic Pastafarianism in Taiwan
Chin Wen Feng
17:30 Is virtue worth the effort?
Joseph Bulbulia, 
School of Humanities, University of Auckland
18:20 Closing remarks


Saturday 4 August ­– Gala Dinner
19:30 – 22:30 Cash bar opens Grand Tearoom
20:00 – 22:30 Gala dinner & awards ceremony